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Blocks for Digital Block Heater
Blocks are available in a variety of formats for use with the Digital Block Heater.

All blocks are made of high grade, non-porous aluminum and precision machined for a close fit with sample containers - important for fast and efficient heat transfer. Anodizing adds corrosion resistance.

Most blocks, except those designed for use with plates and slides, include a position for a thermometer and a hole for the block lifter tool (supplied with the bath). The unique PopStopper accessory, sold separately, fits on the microtube blocks to keep tube lids from popping open during heating.

A rack is also available to accompany the D1105A block. It can be used to quickly transfer samples into and out of the block and is self standing. Insulated handles protect users fingers. The rack can be used at temperatures up to 150ºC and is autoclavable.

Annodized, high grade, non-porous aluminum
Thermometer well
Available in all blocks except those used with plates and slides
Will work in any manufacturer’s dry bath with an opening of 3.05 x 3.60 inches. Block
D11960-PCR requires a depth of 2.125 inches or less.

Ordering Information
D1101Solid block for machining (no holes)

D1102 Block, 48 x 0.2 ml PCR tubes or 6 x 0.2 ml strips

Block, 24 x 2.0ml tubes

D1105 Block, 24 x 0.5 ml tubes

D1105A Block, 24 x 1.5 ml tubes

D1106 Block, 35 x 6 mm tubes

D1110 Block, 20 x 10 mm tubes

D1112 Block, 20 x 12 mm tubes

Block, 20 x 13 mm tubes

D1115-TALL Block, 12 x 15 ml centrifuge tubes

D1116 Block, 12 x 15 or 16 mm tubes

D1117 Block, 12 x 17 mm tubes

D1120 Block, 6 x 20 mm tubes

D1125 Block, 6 x 25 mm tubes

Block, 5 x 50 ml centrifuge tubes

D1196-PCR Single Block, 96 well PCR plate, skirted or nonskirted (for single block unit only)

D1296 Dual Block, 96 well microtiter plate or 4 slides (for dual block unit only)

D1296-PCR Dual Block, 96 well PCR plate, skirted or nonskirted (for dual block unit only)

D12384 Dual Block, 384 well plate, (for dual block unit only)

D1100-PS PopStopper for microtube blocks, D1102, D1102A, D1105, D1105A

D1105A-RACK Rack accessory for 20 x 1.5 ml tubes, compatible with D1105A, pack of 3


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