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SelectPette Autoclavable Multichannel Pipettes
SelectPette Autoclavable Multichannel Pipettes are available in both eight and twelve channel models. Modeled after the familiar feel of the single channel pipettes, they are comfortable to hold. Each channel features its own individual, precision piston to ensure accuracy and reproducibility between channels and from one pipetting series to the next.

Volume can be selected using either the recessed thumbwheel or the plunger button. Whole or fractional volumes may be selected, while their values are show clearly on the large display.

Each tip fitting nozzle has its own suspension system. This eliminates rocking the pipette to load tips. To aid in the reduction of force required for tip ejection, the ejector is curved to release the tips in steps. The top mounted ejector bar is easily accessed by the thumb. Tip cones are tapered for universal tip fit.

For sterility, SelectPette Multichannel Pipettes are fully autoclavable. Each pipette is supplied with a key for easy in lab calibration. Stands are available for holding the pipettes when not in use.
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