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100 Place Microtube Box with Hinged Lid, PP  |  MICROTUBE WORKSTATION RACK, PP 

100 Place Microtube Box with Hinged Lid, PP
These polypropylene boxes withstand freezing (to -80ºC) and autoclaving. The 3- point hinge maintains its integrity during repeated use. A positive catch keeps the lid securely fastened. The translucent lid is alphanumerically indexed for easy sample ID. Holds one hundred 1.5/2.0 ml tubes, cryovials or chromatography vials. 42 x 142 x 55 mm.

Ordering Information
R8300 Storage box with hinged lid, natural, 100 x 1.5/2.0 ml, each

As above, but in opaque black for light sensitive samples, each

As above in green (-G), blue (-B), pink (-P), orange (-O) or yellow (-Y), each

Rainbow pack, includes one box of each above color, pack of 5

Vertical freezer rack for 9 boxes, fits chest type freezers, each

Horizontal freezer rack for 8 boxes, fits upright freezers, each

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