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BioVolt Power Supply
Two BioVolt power supply models are available to meet a wide range of applications including DNA, RNA and protein electrophoresis.

BioVolt power supplies range in output from 2V to 300V. Operating modes include constant voltage or constant current. Model 250V also features constant power mode.

All parameters, including voltage, current, power (where applicable) and time are easily set using the membrane keypad and displayed digitally on the back lit LCD. Programming is straightforward and simple. Four sets of color coded output terminals allow multiple gels to be run from the same power supply.

Safety features incorporated into the power supplies include no load and load change detection systems as well as short circuit and over current/over voltage protection. The power supplies can also be programmed for automatic recovery after a powerinterruption.

BioVolt power supplies are compact in design with a small footrprint. They are stackable to save space. For easy viewing and setting of parameters on the bench or on a shelf, the front of the power supply can be raised with the integral folding feet.

Ordering Information
SBE300 BioVolt Power Supply, Model 300, 120V

BioVolt Power Supply, Model 300, 230V, EU power cord

BioVolt Power Supply, Model 300, 230V, UK power cord

BioVolt Power Supply, Model 250, 120V

BioVolt Power Supply, Model 250, 230V, EU power cord

BioVolt Power Supply, Model 250, 230V, UK power cord


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