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Modular Mini Vertical PAGE Systems

Why purchase three different systems for protein electrophoresis, IEF and Western blotting when the Select BioProducts Modular Mini Vertical PAGE System will do them all. The system features inserts for each application and a common buffer tank in which to run them.

Each insert has its own electrode assembly which connects to the lid of the buffer tank. For safety, the power leads connect directly to the lid - when the lid is removed, power is disconnected from the system. The tank has a small pad that fits into position in the lid. This ensures that the lid is always properly placed and aids in its removal. The buffer tank is molded to prevent separation and leaking.

Inserts, accessories and running tanks are manufactured from quality materials to ensure a long life. A variety of spacers, combs and other accessories are available to customize the system. All spacers and combs are color coded to indicate thickness. Each system is supplied with a cooling pack for superior results during longer runs or quick runs at higher voltages. Three packages are available to meet your needs. Components may also be purchased separately.

There are three models to the Modular Mini Vertical PAGE system. Please see the specification table below for a quick overview or download the brochure for more detailed information. To see the variety of accessories available, visit our accessories page or download our accessories brochure.

Model Mini PAGE System Mini PAGE Electroblotting System Mini PAGE Tube Gel System
Gel Dimensions 10 x 10 cm NA 8cm long
Capacity 2 gels/run* 3 gels/transfer 10 tubes/run
Maximum Samples 20 per gel NA 10 (1/gel)
Buffer Tank (WxDxH) 19 x 13 x 15 cm 19 x 13 x 15 cm 19 x 13 x 15 cm
Buffer Volume 250 mL 1200 mL 500 mL
Included Items** 2 ea 10 x 10 notched plates
2 ea 10 x 10 plates w/spacers
2 ea 1 mm comb, 12 wells
PAGE Module, casting base
3 ea blotting cassettes
6 ea fiber pads
Blotting module
20 ea capillary tubes
20 ea tube supports
10 ea blocking plugs
2D module
Catalog Number (Ordering Information) SBE2010-P SBE2010-PB
SBE2010-BT (Comes without PAGE insert)
*It is possible to run 4 gels by stacking the plates.
**Each system includes buffer tank, lid with leads and cooling pack. The Blotting and 2D Gel Systems also include the PAGE components.

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